Payment Options

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Wayne Hobbs          Sort Code: 20-67-37          Account Number: 10327883

Cash Payments

Please make all cash payments directly to the Proprietor or the Main Office Address, Please do not post any payments.

Debit and Credit card payment

If you wish to make your payment over the phone, Please contact us on 01733 352225. 


If you wish to pay securely online using a computer, please click the ‘pay now’ button below to access the secure Payatrader website.                                                                             Please enter the following on the page that opens:

  • Description of Goods/Service.
  • Date Goods/service Supplied.
  • Your Invoice Number.
  • The full amount on your invoice.
  • Your details and Card details as prompted.

Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Payatrader

Payment on a smartphone

Copy our trader number (Account ID) below:


 and then go to Payatrader Mobile Payment page and click on the button titled “Customer – Just Pay” and when prompted enter:

  • The Account ID
  • The full amount on your invoice.
  • Your Invoice number.
  • Description of Goods/Service Supplied
  • Your details and Card details as prompted.




1. The Payatrader service is fully compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and Data Protection – see their FAQs here. 2. All financial data is processed through their website, not the Wayne Hobbs website. 3. Wayne Hobbs does not record any or hold any of your financial data. 4. Any details taken over the phone for the purpose of payment are entered directly into the Payatrader secure virtual terminal for the purposes of taking payment – no record is kept by Wayne Hobbs after payment has been made. 5. At all times, Wayne Hobbs will ensure that the use of the Payatrader Virtual Terminal is carried out in a secure environment and that entry of details is not visible to any other person other than the user of the Payatrader Virtual Terminal.


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